Outdoor Camping Tents

One of the basic needs when going camping is a tent. Outdoor Camping tents come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and brands. Tents can range in sizes from one person or two people tents up to a total of eight people. Many different styles are also offered such as cabin tents, two room or three room tents, single person tents, just to name a few. These styles and sizes are offered by a variety of company’s that supply outdoor equipment such as Coleman or North Face.

When you are looking for an outdoor camping tent you need to determine first what size the tent you need. Now of course a 1 person tent is large enough for one person but what about a family. You would think a family of four would need a four person tent. However this is not the case because a four person tent is made for putting four sleeping bags side by side to sleep. This does not give room for your gear. So a good rule of thumb is to add at least two people to the size of the outdoor camping tent.

As I said before there are many different styles of outdoor camping tents. These include but are not limited to cabin tent, three or two room tent, and or the common two person tent. An outdoor camping cabin tent comes in different sizes fitting four to eight people. Anything above eight people you should get a two or three room tent. A cabin tent is just one large room where as the outdoor camping two and three room’s tents have many rooms. These types of tents can be used to sleep in a room, store gear in another, and socialize in the middle room. A single person tent if for the lone traveler ready for adventure. If you are looking to find an outdoor camping tent you should look at these options and decide which company brand is best for you. I suggest looking at Coleman or North Face outdoor camping tents.